Max Weber Foundation Deeply Shocked by Invasion of Ukraine

The Max Weber Foundation (MWS) is distressed by the military aggression against Ukraine and expresses its support for scholarship and the people of the country.

“The MWS and its employees worldwide are shocked by Russia's utterly unjustifiable attack on Ukraine. We are greatly concerned for those affected by these acts of war. Our institutes have long served the humanities and social sciences in Germany and in their respective host countries as places of research, the development of academic qualifications, and international scholarly interaction. All of our relations with our partners in the countries that host our institutes are characterized by mutual respect and trust. Consequently, the current situation hits us all the more,” says Hans van Ess, President of the MWS.

The MWS institutes foster peaceful international cooperation in the humanities and social sciences. They are dedicated to research, the advancement of young scholars, and sharing of knowledge. The institutes were founded for this purpose, also in countries where Germany had waged a devastating war of annihilation. The institutes are of inestimable value where political tensions threaten academic freedom, where scholars are under pressure, or where the burden of history makes dialogue difficult.

“The war in Ukraine constitutes a major setback for anyone who works toward understanding and dialogue, even under difficult circumstances,” continued van Ess, “but we will make every effort, especially in this situation, to use the opportunities of scholarship to build bridges. In this sense, the MWS will also be a place that scholars affected by the conflict can turn to.”