Global Anthropology of Industrial Labor: Comparative approaches to crisis and transformations in South Asian and Latin American working classes

27.-29.09.2023, Workshop, MWF Delhi, online

This workshop brings together anthropologists working on industrial labor in South Asia and Latin America, to trace the commonalities as well as the peculiarities of the processes of industrialization and working-class formation that have been and are experienced in these two different regions of the Global South. The discussion of case studies across a wide range of industrial sectors, regions and states in South Asia and Latin America aims to set the basis for a comparative research on industrial labour. Drawing inspiration from other comparative approaches, such as Bergquist (1986) or Parry (2020), contributors will focus on one or several interrelated questions regarding the particularities of the labor process of a given industry, the extent to which it reflects and entrenches differences in terms of gender, generation, and caste or ‘race’ among workers; regarding the particular and common features of labor markets in a given region and/or industry; regarding the political relations between capital and labor in a given industry, the way they are governed by labor laws, by collective agents such as employers’ associations and trade union federations, and the way they are shaped by broader political currents; and, last but not least, regarding the family, household, neighborhood and urban structures workers in a given industrial site are enmeshed in.

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