MWS Conference on "Harmful Entanglements"

14.05.2024 | Konferenz | OI Istanbul | vor Ort

The conference on »Harmful Entanglements« aims to answer to the unacknowledged conditions of entanglement’s conceptual ubiquity, or, with other words, its own ‘entanglement’ in a particular political context. Arguably, the study of and the various approaches to entanglements are products of an era of run-away globalisation and the heuristic possibilities it has enabled/unleashed. Entanglement has come to be considered a phenomenon that obeys a logic of accretion. Entanglement by default seems not to lead to disentanglement but to a new level of tighter entanglement.
Scholars have recently begun to ask questions that mirror the concerns and expectations of this kind of neo-liberal instability and acceleration. While many studies of entanglement were fed by general optimism in their transformative power, now significant research is also being conducted on problems created by entanglement that encompasses topics such as environmental history, international law and diplomacy, (post-) colonialism, and the position of racist and fascist cultural production in the history of modernity or the project of modernism. Contributions from history, anthropology, literary and art studies and postcolonial will take issue with the concept and its limitations in a perspective that addresses assumptions such as the globality and incrementality of entanglements.

Programme Day 1:

13:00-13:30 Christoph K. Neumann: Welcome and Introduction
13:30-15:00 Keynote (Moderation: Christoph K. Neumann)
Monica Juneja (Heidelberg University): The Work of Art in the Crossfire between the ‘Aesthetic’ and the ‘Religious’: Potentialities and Limits of Concepts-as-Metaphors
15:15-17:00 Entanglement and Modernism/Modernities (Moderation: Peter Geimer)
Oluwafunminiyi W. Raheem (Osun State University Osogbo): Rejecting Colonial Entanglement: Ulli Beier and the Incorporation of ‘Art Brut’ in Nigerian Modernism, 1951-1964
Fatimaezzehra Abid (Mohammed V University Rabat): Exploring Entanglements of Modernity in Moroccan Postcolonial Literature through Women’s Lives in Leila Abouzeid’s The Last Chapter
17:30-19:00 (Post)colonial Entanglements (Moderation: Simone Lässig)
Manuel Borutta (Konstanz University): (Post)colonial Entanglements: Algeria, France and the Mediterranean
Mikuláš Pešta (AVČR/Czech Academy of Science): Democratic International Organizations, Anti-Colonial Networks and Transformations at the End of the Cold War


Orient-Institut Istanbul
Galip Dede Cad. No. 65
Şahkulu Mah., Beyoğlu
TR-34421 Istanbul


The participation is free upon registration. There is no translation into Turkish.

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