Sune Haugbolle: The globalization of palastine reconsidered: solidarity movements and entangled revolutions of the 1970s

23.03.2023, Seminar, OI Beirut, online und vor Ort

From the late 1960s, Palestine solidarity developed as an ‘entangled’ project aligning the energies and ambitions of the Palestinian liberation movement with various progressive, revolutionary forces around the world. This presentation present new evidence from archives, private papers, and interviews that show how Palestine was ‘globalized’ as a central cause for the Left. The material gives new insight into alliances and partnerships, and the exchange of ideas and resources between solidarity activists and Palestinian organisations in Beirut. A careful reconstruction of these connections, which included militant as well as artistic networks, raises broader historiographic questions about the globalization of the Palestinian cause, such as: Who curated the struggle? How did these collectives and networks of global solidarity develop? And how should we write histories of Palestine solidarity today?    
Sune Haugbolle is Professor of Global Studies at Roskilde University, Denmark. He has written several books on the Middle East including War and Memory in Lebanon (2010), Rhetoric of the Image (2012), The Arab Archive (2020) and Altered States (2023). He is co-editor of Middle East Journal of Culture and Communication and directs the research project Entangled Histories of Palestine and the Global New Left.

Organisiert durch das OI Beirut

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18:00 - 20:00 Uhr